Celebrity Homes Ellen DeGeneres’ Stunning Santa Barbara Villa and Some Home Design Tips

Ellen’s home is definitely Ellen and there is no stopping her style tips!


What is better than coming home to a beautiful home that is organized according to your own preference? Sure, you are able to design it, but in this case, Ellen hired a designer, John Saladino. Its always better to have a good rest after a hard day at work, and it’s always better to rest in a beautiful house. Yeah, sure, a flat will do, but the fresh greens that a villa in the suburbs will give you are the best thing there is. Speaking of villas, Ellen has her villa in Santa Barbara California and is sharing it with wife Portia de Rossi. She purchased it for an amount of $26.5 million and was made to be Ellen by designer John Saladino. As we expect, the villa was great and totally speaks of Ellen’s personality. It’s fun and it’s also refreshing, and at the same time, it’s relaxing and elegant, which is probably coming from Portia de Rossi.

Anyway, the villa is Tuscan inspires that is complete with mature gardens and locally quarried stone. Instyle was able to have a sneak peak of the comedian’s villa and has found that the purchased house was built in the 1920s. Well, that was a really nice touch and it made it look more authentic, in any case, it really is authentic quarried stone and it is the most distinct thing about the house. It speaks of the simple elegance and the humble beginnings of the couple. The estate sits on a nice patch of grass of approximately 9.8 acres of land, plus the gardens and that totals to a 13 acre estate.


There are also a lot of things inside that are very Ellen, including abstract paintings and a very prominent Roman Column in her garden. We think that all of that is what makes it really a home. Everything was beautiful, it may be because Ellen said that she likes to sit in every chair and stand in every corner to see that every angle is beautiful and furnished well. Also, Ellen was able to say a lot of tips to fans and viewers and whoever wants to get some advice on designing your own space. She has written a book all about it and has featured her humble beginning in picture and shared what she has learned from staying in those homes.

First of all, she said that the optimal view of the house and any room can make a difference in how people or, how you see it. “This could be from where you see it the most, how you enter it, or where the light comes from,” as explained in the book. This said, it’s always better to consider everything else before you try and incorporate the things that will look good in your particular house. Ellen also said that contrasting is also good, but people she also said that you shouldn’t be forgetting to incorporate the things that you want to incorporate since that is the most important thing that a designer or someone who is looking to designing their own home should do.