20 Richest NBA Stars…You’ll Never Believe Who Tops The List

It is not a secret that sports stars are paid big amount of cash and signs multi-million dollar deals. But just how much are they paid? Needless to say, NBA has become very popular not only in the America, but also throughout the globe. You’d be surprised to know that NBA superstars are paid a staggering amount of millions to give the crowd a thrilling and exciting game on the court!

So, who are among the list of the richest NBA stars? Find out here!

1. Steve Nash


Net Worth – $95 Million

Nash might have retired from the NBA, but he has bagged more than enough fortune for him and his family. Most importantly, his fans will always remember why he was paid a staggering amount of money to begin with. As a former MVP, Nash was one of the greatest threats on offense making him an indispensable part of the team.