28 Actors Who Were Incredible Athletes

Almost every human being on the face of the planet is completely worthless. They have no discernible skills, no quantifiable ability and God knows they’re nothing to look at. Occasionally though, every once in a while, you are lucky enough to meet an individual with bona fide talent, a genuinely worthwhile individual who is passionate about their field and has the flair to pull it off. Rarer still are those who possess two skills. Here are 28 men who not only excelled in front of the camera, but out on the sports field too.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Who ever have thought this sack of muscles and sinews would be athletically minded? But before he was an actor, businessman, politician and all those other ahem, “talents” he has, Mr Schwarzenegger rose to prominence in his native Austrian lifting really, really heavy things for money.