101-year-old viral video star delights in seeing herself on TV

This 101 year-old mother is having fun watching herself be a celebrity for a moment…


We all know how small things can make us happy and sometimes, these small things can really brighten our day and make big changes on our whole week! Anyway, we all know how that feels, and we are all grateful for everything, right? Anyway, this mother gets to be famous over the weekend. It was all because her son took her out and they started playing with snow. And for a 101 year-old woman, she is quite strong and they managed to get a lot of views.

And we all know that this doesn’t happen every day, but when you do get famous, of course, you will be happy and flattered. Her son and she may be bored because they started filming about their lives, but we all have to admit that watching thisn 101-year-old grandma smile and laugh is making us feel quite good. You know that sense of happiness that you made your grandma smile? Anyway, it must have been because of the Point of view of the camera, but this is definitely fun especially when the latest one is showing Albina, Armand’s (the cameraman’s) mother how happy she was to see herself on TV.

We all have that feeling of wanting to be on TV for no apparent reason, but as for Albina, she seems to have her one impossible wish come true when her son filmed him playing in the snow. Not only she had so much fun in the snow, she also had much more fun seeing herself in TV playing the snow! Anyway, the video was broadcasted in Global News after Armand decided to take her mother out for snowballs. He didn’t really made it viral in particular, but it was the viewers that had fun seeing An old lady have fun for herself.


Not all is strong like her, so she is probably inspiring others to go out and, well, play in the snow even if they are too old to do so. There are no limitations on fun, and definitely no one is happy staying at home doing chores and doing the same thing again.

Anyway, the video is fun and features Alibina’s delighted expression as she sees herself in HD TV. Who wouldn’t be happy anyway, but for her, she definitely didn’t believed her son when he told her that she is going to be on TV. “There I am, that’s me, that’s me!” says Albina, pointing at the TV. She was so happy, her happiness is very contagious. You definitely have to see her be so happy. we bet that you would actually be thinking of your own granny as well.

Armand told Global News that “when you have a mother who’s 101 years old, it’s a good idea to keep the camera nearby for those special moments.”And he was sure to be able to keep recording all of the special moments that she will be having at age of 101. It may also be a nice memory to keep whenever she decided to leave this world. But, let’s just say that she still wants more of those happy memories. J