Do Not Try To Make Grilled Cheese in Your Toaster

This hack is definitely easy, but it also has some downsides that we need to know…


As far as we’re concerned, almost everything has a hack, and people are always looking for things to be easy and convenient. We can say that its part of humanity since our brains always expands and is always ready to take in new information, but things do get to be a little troubling and might take a little bit more time than our patience can. We will always be looking out for new tricks and we will always be looking even though we think that it may have been fruitless. But hey, that’s where inventions are from, and people can always think a lot of new things if confronted with a difficult situation. Its either we’re getting tired of the monotony or we’re just plain lazy that we won’t accept any more time to waste, whatever it is, people are creative. We can’t take that away, and that’s what makes us human.

And also, as far as we know, no invention is done without a little bit of experiment and a little bit of an accident. People’s opinion vary, so its always safe to do some experiments on your own before you swear from that invention. Anyway, there is this guy who has been having a problem of always grilling and waiting long for his grilled cheese sandwich. He may have been feeling lazy and creative that day, but he soon turned things up a notch and flipped his toaster on its side and started toasting bread and cheese. And it was a success, and he was so happy that he shared it in his twitter account with a caption, “And people say I’m not a genius”. He probably is, but he may probably be not as well. Let’s just say that he has been lucky and didn’t get any accidents in the process.


And so, the story begins. Suzanne Dale, who is a housewife in the UK eventually, found out the hack that Reid – the guy responsible – shared on his twitter account – which received a lot of attention – and has been tried out by many people. As far as Suzanne was concerned, it looked easy and effective (according to the response of others that tried it).

But when she soon tried it for herself, she flipped the toaster, put on her bread and cheese, and as soon as she was waiting for the yummy results, the hack backfired, and well, started to set the whole toaster ablaze. The fiery toaster was caught in a picture and she claimed that it was caught on fire for about a full 20 minutes before she eventually tossed it out the window. She posted her unsuccessful attempt to Facebook and wrote in a caption, “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME… !!! …Saw a tip on FB about turning your toaster on its side for toasted cheese…..thought what a brilliant idea…so gave it a go……. !!…..time for a trip to Argos….!!…. PLEASE SHARE.. !!… There must be other people as daft as me.. !! x”, are her exact words.

She also said that she has been lucky since she lived in a house with a garden, and if ever this has happened to someone who lives in a flat, they would definitely be setting things on fire and will eventually be screaming for help.