Buh-Bye Jeans — There Are Now Yoga Pants With a Pocket for Your Phone

We can’t live without pants and this yoga pants are re-imagined for our convenience…


Women will all agree that wearing yoga pants are awesome, but they still have their drawbacks and a lot still opt for jeans just so they could easily find their phones. But despite that, women love that comfortable fabric to use in the gym and do various exercises. No one will be messing with the yoga pants. But when we do work out with them, we usually don’t know what to do and where to put our phones and its frustrating especially when the instructor is there and is only waiting for you. It’s frustrating, so we either put it in or bags or we put it in our waistband which gives us a high risk of falling on the floor and break while we do what we do.

Many will agree that this is why their phone breaks and also the main reason why we have those cracked screens in our IPhones. With frustration, we will always ask ‘why won’t anyone invent yoga pants with pockets?!’ And, yes, we know how you feel and we’ve been there a lot, but starting early in 2016, Lume Lifestyle is going to be making this yoga pants available. I know, we know that you must be thinking what kind of pocket is that, and that pocket and my phone might make the fabric weigh a lot on the front and might accidentally cause a wardrobe malfunction. We know, but apparently, Waira Mungai, got you covered.

She is the one responsible for this yoga pants and she swears that she will be bringing the best for all the girls out there. Their main targets are females, so women will be having a great time working out. The yoga pants promise on the fabric and the technology behind it. The pocket will be featuring a touch mesh that allows wearers to use their phones without ever holding the phone. You can change the song however you like and can continue on much easily. And we may also want one of those.


Lume Lifestyle has already funded the yoga pants with a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign and they already have an amount of $10,000 to start selling it online at a price of $88. Discounts can also vary of an amount of $38 to $78 depending on how early you order.

“One day, while waiting for a client, I noticed a woman put her phone in her waistband,” Lume founder and personal trainer Waira Mungai told Mashable. “She started exercising, and her phone fell to the floor. That observation led me on a journey that ultimately formed [our] female focused inspirational brand.” We don’t know much about the rest of the fabric and the all in all comfort that the product might provide, but it’s certainly won’t hurt to try out this new wearable technology. We’re looking forward to it and as well as having that $38 discount if ever that we’re not too late. No more leaving our phones in our bags for us!