This Pizzeria is leading a very charitable act towards Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a special day; why won’t make it more special to the ones who need it?


A simple kindness can result too much better things than kindness. You can change a lot of people with just kindness. And you can help the world have faith in our own race with kindness. You can do a lot of things with kindness so long that you do it right. You will always see a result with it. And even if they didn’t pay attention to you, you can always be kind and forgive anyone who has been doing you wrong. Some may think that teaching kindness is only for kids. It’s not, and sometimes, kids do it better than us adults. You may not realize it, but it’s a huge insult for us who knows a lot more than those kids. We should have been better than them, but we are those who destroy their innocence. But some does good things for anyone. This pizzeria called Bada Bing!

Pizzeria has shared a sign on Tuesday and posted it on their door. We bet that whoever is the owner of that Pizzeria has a very big heart. And on Thanksgiving, like any other stores, the Pizzeria will be closed. But it seems that it wants people who are in need to come in and join them. It’s just food, so why not give some, right?

The Poster wrote, “We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. However, we will be having dinner here around 2 pm with our family, employees, and friends,” the sign read. “If you are hungry or don’t have any money, please come in. We will welcome you and make sure you get plenty to eat.” It’s a simple thing done by simple people to simple people who are in need. There are no strings attached and they just wanted to share.


In this day and age, it was actually hard to see people doing someone else good things. Most of the time, it’s for fame and most are just a plain mask. But there are still people who will come knocking on a helpless person and share what they have. These people do not pick and have a big heart. And those are a great example of what humans can do. If animals can do them, then why can’t we?

The poster went viral this week and the owner of the Pizzeria, Jason Hague said that it was not his intention to make it viral and he was overwhelmed of the fame that his little Pizzeria had. It was all for the sake of humanity, and people mostly brag about what good they did. But doing something good doesn’t mean that everyone has to pay attention to you. Sometimes, the little things count more than the big things that a lot of people knew you for. And with everyone, including his family and friends and his employees, and along with whoever will come to his shop, definitely had fun this Thanksgiving. “Thanksgiving is one of those days that you don’t want to turn anyone away,” he said.