Actor Charlie Sheen confirms he is HIV positive and is Healing

Charlie Sheen confirms that he is HIV positive and has now gone public with his diagnosis!


With the rumors of a Hollywood superstar being HIV positive last week, the actor must have had it rough. He was not forced in his decision, but rather, he said that he was tired of having been blackmailed by many people. How did this happen anyway?

He appeared in NBC’s Today Show and revealed that he has been HIV positive for four years. It was a shock for everyone else, but he was happy with his decision. What he did ended the intense media speculation of whether who is the alleged actor with HIV. He has no idea where he caught the disease, but he stated that it all started with series of cluster headaches and sweating before he went to his doctor. They did some tests on him and he even thought that he had a brain tumor. To his surprise, it was something else, “It was a hard three letters to absorb”. Well, we understand that he did not really coped with it well, and who will? Despite this, he decided to face it.


He said that he told the people closest to him first. But the actor also admitted that telling his closest friends have been a bad decision. With friends that you can trust, having learnt that he has the disease, he must have wanted some reassurance. Rather, he told Matt Lauer, that his “trust [for his friends] resulted to their treason”. Getting left in the middle of his disease must have been hard for him.

Although there is no direct cure for the virus, there still prescription drugs that he drinks in order to suppress the virus. The actor also came in with his doctor, Robert Huizenga, who also said that the actor is successfully suppressing the virus and is “absolutely healthy”. When the host asked them regarding about the rumors about him having had Aids, the doctor said that “Charlie has an undetectable level of the virus in his blood,” and that “Charlie does not have Aids – that’s when the virus suppresses the immune system. He is healthy.” Well, that means that he is safe to make contact with other people. And at this time and age, we also must understand that HIV is still a curable disease with a series of medication, of course.

Sheen also admitted that he has had some erratic tendencies, but he reassures fans that he had never missed a day of taking his meds. Dr. Huizenga also said that “We’re petrified about him, we’re so, so anxious that if he was overly depressed or abusing substances he’d forget to take a pill, but he’s managed to take his medication.” That is a serious relief for his fans, who might as well still consider supporting the actor. It may be hard on him, but with some help, he might actually be an inspiration to anyone with the disease. He also said that he now has, “the responsibility to better myself and help a lot of other people. With what we’re doing today, others may come up and say, ‘Thanks Charlie, thanks for kicking the door open’.”