Hollywood Wage Conversion Rights from Jennifer Lawrence but…

Jennifer Lawrence has been busy making the world know about the wage gap between men and women, but Kate Winslet is squirming


Sexism is a very common thing in every part of the world. Even if the whole world has tried to outdo female sexism, there are still some things that we can’t control. Even if the world has changes so much and conservative people became very liberated, some thoughts and issues may still come up that was supposed to be done for especially with the world changing so rapidly. Many things come up in mind, like racism and as a lot of women are very much aware of, sexism.

With the release of another of Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie trailer ‘Joy’, things also started to get messy with her essay about the gender wage gap and have been receiving a lot of attention world-wide. Kate Winslet however, shared her thoughts about the essay and told BBC Newsbeat that she thinks that talking about it is ‘vulgar’. She thinks that talking about money is vulgar especially when it’s making headlines internationally.

Kate also let BBC know that she was not getting that kind of treatment anywhere. She said that it might be a British thing, but she did share her thought about money. And whatever she talked about was brief enough to make us wonder if she really thought about it or she just wanted to get away and not talk about money. Regardless, Jennifer Lawrence is making a point clear to the world.


Well, as far as JLaw is concerned, not all people receive those kinds of blessings all the time. Kate might have been lucky, but the rest of the females in different parts of the world are having different kinds of problems related with sexism and inequality. The only major thing that Jennifer is trying to fight about is for the world to know that women are humans too, and ranking is definitely not made with gender.

We’re not quite sure whether JLaw has received these kinds of treatment anywhere and with the male characters that he is working with, but the reality in that essay should make every person in the world aware.

Well, as far as we know, women have been trying to outdo and meet the expectations given to them by society. Women are hard working and can be as cool as those men. Whether it’s in the workplace or in our respective homes, women are awesome since then. They try hard to accomplish everything in time and is responsible.

Not all men can defeat a woman in many ways. Women do receive respect but shunning them and not giving them enough credit will especially hurt, but with the whole world equal, we can be more peaceful and happy.

If you find this article nonsense, then you are definitely a sexist bastard. Women might admire you, but you can never give the respect and love that women deserve. And that is what makes a difference people.