21 Never Before Seen Images Of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is one of the most popular figures in music, as well as a pop culture icon. Singer, actor, military man, and heartthrob, Elvis Presley wowed everyone. But apart from the photos we’ve seen of “The King”, we’re lucky enough to be able to see some photos of Elvis that show even the most ordinary of moments, from walking down the street, to casually following a military officer upon joining the army for a while. These photos may or may not have been revealed as much, but they are still so wonderful to look at.

1. Outside The Warwick

outside the warwick

Around this time, Elvis was in a period where he was still quite an unknown but he had started out his singing career. Here was he standing outside the Warwick, and about to go inside to rest up. Note that there weren’t any screaming fans surrounding him.