The Hunger Games’ Sam Claflin Is Expecting His First Child With Wife Laura Haddock

The Hunger Games Star is expecting their first child with wife Laura Haddock, and he is totally smitten!


What happens when you’re promoting a movie, but no one knows that you’re wife is pregnant yet? Okay, so that is very out of line and people mostly don’t care, but the best way to announce that you’re expecting is to totally surprise everyone (the whole world). Well, as you can see, Sam Claflin revealed the shocking news on the red carpet at Leicester Square. The couple seemed to have been very happy with what is happening with them.

The couple is appearing to be so in love that Sam is even clutching her tummy with a very smitten and lovely expression. They were both grinning from ear to ear. Well, that was tough, hiding the situation for a few months before revealing to the public. He was probably itching to tell everyone especially with that look on his face. He was seen hugging and clutching and kissing his beau in front of the camera. Now, that is just cute and super sweet. You can’t see that much love in Hollywood couples.


Even with that baby bump, Haddock is still stunning with her off-white dress that was adorned with jewel embellishments. Sam was also looking gorgeous with his black suit and polka dot tie. The couple was seriously glad that they waited until this day to announce. Well, as for Claflin, he did have been busy with training for the up and coming movie of his that is making us itch to watch.

The story goes on as Katniss thoughts that it’s not going to be for survival anymore and is on a mission to hunt President Snow and leaving district 13. They are on a roll of trying to prevent President Snow on whatever he is plotting (no to spoilers people). The cast and their teams have been working hard to live up to everyone else’s expectations. Especially when it comes to having to present a movie based from a book.

Critics will definitely charge you up with a whole lot of high standards. On which us fans can relate to. Fans are definitely in for a very action packed finale of the hunger games Trilogy.

On a side note, everyone from the cast of Hunger Games are sad that the movie series is ending, but also glad that there won’t be any more training for them. Especially with Sam Claflin who is expecting his child. He doesn’t want to go away for too far right? I mean who would? With that stunning of a woman he has for a wife, he will definitely be that smitten. Well, that’s just the sad story for us fans who will not get even a glance.

Although it’s sad, a lot of fans are still rooting for those two and some may even predict that they might even be around for a lifetime. Who knows right?