19 Hottest PGA Wags

Golfing isn’t always the sexiest sport, but that doesn’t mean guys like Tiger don’t do well at love (okay, in his case, he did a little too well). He isn’t the only guy on the tour though that has been able to rope in a super sexy wife or girlfriend.

Check out some of the wives and/or girlfriends these professional golfers get to come home to each night!

1. Alexis Randock (Ricky Fowler) – left

Alexis Radock

Ricky Fowler is a very lucky man. With winning the 2015 Players Championship and to date this swimsuit hottie, which is also a supermodel, Alexis Randock, his good fortune does not waver. Alexis attended Arizona State University and was one of the infamous Temple 12. Not bad for a girlfriend Rickey.

You can always find her following her Golf Pro Boyfriend and expect to see a big kiss whenever he wins.