23 EPIC Cheerleader Fails That Are Too Good

Cheerleading is often better than the actual game we are watching itself, and offers a whole range of different great things which can keep us glued to our seat. From stunning and sexy girls to amazing routines, cheerleaders around the world are the sporting world’s party starters and help us to support our teams even if they are crap! However, cheerleading isn’t as safe as many people believe, which is great because we also love people falling on their faces even more than anything else in the world, and it is even funnier if it happens to cute cheerleaders!

1) Kristi Yamaoka – Southern Illinois junior

Kristi Yamaoka - Southern Illinois junior

So lets start of with one of our most famous stars of the cheerleading fail world. Kristi Yamaoka fell 15ft during a time-break, which resulted in making her a media darling as a result. It was an extremely close call for the cheerleader who landed on her head and was carried of on a stretcher  but still had enough S.P.I.R.I.T!! to make a cheer while being taken of the court. Some people call her a hero, most just call her an idiot.