15 Jaw-Dropping Images Of What Texting and Driving Can Do

A word of warning: This may contain graphic photos, so for those of us who have an aversion to blood, or gore, or violence in general, you can read past the images. Texting while driving is something that should not be done, but we sometimes end up doing it anyway. It’s basically like asking for a death wish or asking to be fed through a straw or asking for a serious injury to go your way. A lot of groups are trying to get this message across to those of us who drive while having to stay glued to our smartphones. While for some of us, having to stay connected to our phones is important, it shouldn’t be that important that it would end up becoming life-threatening. Here are just a few of what could happen when you text and drive at the same time.

1. Woman Dies After Posting An Ironic Status Update On Facebook

1. woman dies after posting an ironic status update on facebook

Last year in April, a 32-year old woman named Ann Sanford was driving along North Carolina, while taking selfies and updating her Facebook. It was only moment after her last status update: “The happy song makes me HAPPY” about the Pharrell song of the same name, that police officers were called to the scene of a car crash that killed her.