15 Photos That Will Give You The Creeps

Sometimes, what we can see may not be real, and what is real, we might not see. Some people are born with an ability to see or hear or feel a supernatural presence. There are also some people who could do all three. Such supernatural phenomenons could show up in different ways. But most commonly, they appear in photographs. These photographs are so creepy, you might end up thinking that maybe all the horror movies you’ve seen were based from real life experiences. A word of warning: Try to read this one during the daytime. You might not be able to sleep at night.

1. The Masked Little Girl

1. the masked little girl

This photo was taken a long time ago. A little girl is standing in a garden or field, wearing what looks like a doll mask, while carrying a stuffed bear and a slightly worn-out doll as well. We’re not even sure whether this was for a Halloween party, but this is not exactly something you’d want to see everyday.