15 Crazy Indian Rituals You Won’t Believe

India is a place of diversity. Diverse in languages, cultures, castes, and colors among many things, India is the country that knows what it means to be diverse. It’s also a country that is progressing towards a more modern way of life, with a flourishing economy, with a particular strength in IT. While modernization is slowly taking over, the locals still feel a little annoyed that they are still very much known for their sacred cows as well as the strange rituals that they hold. We’ve listed a few of the many unusual rituals that they hold in the name of religion. Keep in mind that it varies from place to place.

1. Thimithi Festival

1. thimiti festival

Also known as a fire-walking festival. It originated in Tamil Nadu, in Southern India and this festival is celebrated during the Aipasi month of the Tamil calendar. In the regular calendar, it would be somewhere between October and November. They walk barefoot across a firepit that is filled with hot firewood, or even charcoal. This ceremony is done in honor of the Hindu goddess Draupati Amman, who is thought to be the incarnation of Mariamman. The celebration begins with the head priest walking slowly across the pit with a pot filled with sacred water on his head. From there, the devotees will follow, proving their devotion by withstanding the pain, sans the pot with sacred water.