21 Weird and Astonishing Historic Photos

We often hear about weird things in history through what ifs and other stories. Sometimes what we watch would be about history that was rewritten. Like what is often said in Doctor Who: Time can be rewritten. Of course that was between time travelers and the Doctor, but it still had the same meaning. But then we tend to forget that the truth is always stranger than fiction. What we think might not have been real may have actually existed during that time. These photos are just a few of what history books may have skipped out on, because they were just that weird to know about, and yet they are proof of how far we’ve come.

1. The Isolator

1. the isolator

Created by a man named Hugo Gernsback, who was a member of the American Physical Society. This was a special kind of mask that was made to help the wearer focus by canceling outside noises and limit the vision to whatever was in front of them. The things people did just to stay productive back then is surprising.