14 Unknown Facts About Caitlyn Jenner

Flip through to discover 14 unknown facts about Caitlyn Jenner – including her innermost thoughts, feelings, trails and tribulations.

1. She Always Knew

HT_bruce_jenner_kids_age_10_jef_150424_16x9_992Caitlyn stated in her interview with Diane Sawyer, that even as she was growing up as a young boy, she always knew that she was meant to be a woman. This fact alone confused and terrified him to say the least…

2. She had a panic attack after undergoing facial-feminization surgery


Caitlyn underwent a 10 hour facial-feminization surgery just last March. When she woke up, however, she was in shock at the change she saw in the mirror and understandably had a meltdown the day after her surgery. “What did I just do? What did I just do to myself?” Caitlyn recalled thinking. Second guessing is normal and temporary, she later realized.

3. Since then, she’s had no second thoughts about becoming a woman


Jenner said, “If I was lying on my deathbed and I had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying there saying, ‘You just blew your entire life. You never dealt with yourself,’ and I don’t want that to happen.”

4. She won’t mind if you accidentally use the wrong pronoun


Caitlyn revealed that she’s not too sensitive about the whole gender pronoun thing. “I don’t really get hung up about it,” she stated in a recent interview, “A guy came in the other day and I was fully dressed—it’s just habit, I said, ‘Hi, Bruce here,’ and I went, Oh fuck, it ain’t Bruce, I was screwing up doing it.”

5. She thinks Caitlyn will be a better parent than Bruce


Caitlyn described Bruce as “an insensitive father who had been absent for years at a time” and regrets the mistakes he’s made with the children from his first two marriages. All four of his children, (Burt, Cassandram Brandon and Brody) have stated that Caitlyn’s transition isn’t an issue for them because they have all known themselves for years!

6. She flashed her new breasts to son Brandon after the surgery

150424_2020_009a_16x9_992After Caitlyn’s surgery, she reportedly flashed her breasts to her son Brandon because he seemed a bit dismayed about the change he was processing. “Whoa, I’m still your son,” Brandon recalled saying to her. Despite the sudden surprise, Caitlyn’s son supports all of her decisions.

7. She has “girls’ nights” with her family


In order to start transitioning into her new life, Caitlyn started to throw “girls’ nights” at her home in Malibu. This allowed her to act and dress according to what felt natural to her. Wine and cheeses weren’t withheld either!

8. She was hurt when her children didn’t want to be in her docu-series

bruce-jenner-older-childrenCaitlyn revealed that she felt “terribly disappointed and terribly hurt” to learn that Burt, Cassandra, Brandon and Brody didn’t want to participate in her E! docu-series premiering this summer. AFter talking it out with her children, they told Caitlyn that they didn’t want it to seem like they were making money off of Caitlyn’s transition story. He kindly accepted their decision nonetheless. We think it was probably the best way to support their father in all reality.

 9. She’s ready for haters to say her transition is a publicity stunt and a cash grab


“‘Oh, she’s doing a stupid reality show. She’s doing it for the money. She’s doing this, she’s doing that.’ I’m not doing it for money,” Jenner has assured. “I’m doing it to help my soul and help other people. If I can make a dollar, I certainly am not stupid. [I have] house payments and all that kind of stuff. I will never make an excuse for something like that. Yeah, this is a business. You don’t go out and change your gender for a television show. O.K., it ain’t happening. I don’t care who you are.”

10. She’s been getting a lot of fanmail ever since her interview with Diane Sawyer

bruce-jenner-interview-diane-sawyer-promo-video-ftrCaitlyn also revealed that she receives very kind and supportive fan mail every day since her interview with Diane Sawyer. “I get letters every day from all of these people from all over the world.”

11. She looks forward to living her life as a woman


We’re glad that after making the full fledged commitment to womanhood, that Caitlyn feels ready to take on the world and face her future!

12. She’s ready to stop telling lies


Jenner stated in a recent interview that Bruce was “always telling lies” but Caitlyn “doesn’t have any lies.” Now Caitlyn has her ticket to freedom in a sense. She can live life open and honest, without feeling in the dark anymore.

13. She’s still into golf


Caitlyn admitted that she still wants to keep up with her favorite past time and hobby of golf. We think, go for it of course! Just because golf is a male-centric sport doesn’t mean that Caitlyn can’t keep doing what makes her happy!

14. Caitlyn Jenner is Awesome!

american-hero-caitlyn-jennerCaitlyn Jenner is the new American Hero! Us Americans live by the motto, “Follow your heart!” and that’s exactly what Caitlyn did! We’re estatic that Caitlyn to take control and live her life to the fullest!