13 Super Scary Rollercoaster Mishaps Caught On Camera

People of all ages come to amusement parks to have fun. People go there to experience the thrill of being in danger without actually being in danger. However, sometimes, even the safest and well-maintained rollercoasters can act up, thus leading into accidents that would result in major injuries and even the deaths of the passengers. This isn’t exactly meant to discourage those who still want to ride on the rollercoasters, but rather, this is just giving us an idea of some accidents that have happened in the past, and all of which were caught on camera.

1. Ride Of Steel – Darien Lake Amusement Park

1. darien lake amusement park

Perhaps one of the worst accidents in recent history. The accident happened back in 2011, when an Irag war veteran lost his legs during the war wanted to have some fun at the amusement park, located in Buffalo, New York. He inquired which of the rides were the safest for someone like him and they recommended the Ride of Steel. Unfortunately, it turned out to be his last ride as he slid to his untimely death when he slipped through the harness when one of the trains were racing over a small incline.