13 Hilarious Family Photos That Failed!

Family photos are usually a little awkward, depending on what everyone’s agreed to, when it comes to the theme of the photo. Everyone dresses accordingly, and everyone has to pose the same way, and then when all the posing is done, you know that this photo will be on the wall of your home, or your parents’ home for the years to come. Family photos are timeless, and yet, there’s a lot that could go wrong. We’ve compiled a few photos that started off great, but then resulted in a major, and hilarious fail. For those of us who plan on taking family photos, now you know what not to do.

1. Love

1. love

Is this a family photo? More like a hilarious prank on mother dearest. The kids apparently told mom that they were going to write “Love” using their sparklers during their family photo outside but unfortunately for her, they had another word in mind and ended up writing something else. We wonder what mom’s reaction was when she saw that this came out. Hopefully they took another photo.