21 Super Weird Snapchats That Should’ve Never Surfaced On the Internet

It’s not surprising at all to find some super weird things on the internet. From weird tweets on twitter, to super weird and sometimes profound posts on tumblr, strange status updates or photo posts on facebook, to pretty much every other weird thing that you see in the sites you go to or the apps that you use. Especially in Snapchat. The popular app that lets you take snaps of yourself, be it a photo or a video, and either send it to your friends, or just post it onto your story where all your friends can see it for a limited time. However, once it’s on the internet, there are lots of ways to keep it, even if it has already been deleted. Like these super weird snaps from people, that should have never surfaced on the internet even after it was deleted.

1. That’s Your Taco

1. that's your taco

In the words of Karen Walker from Will& Grace: What’s going on? What’s happening? Why is your face like that? This snap raises so many questions, and we believe that we’re never getting an answer to this anytime soon. Maybe she’s craving for tacos.