10 Ariana Grande Fails That’ll Ruin Her Popularity For Good

Ariana Grande is another pop star that has been breaking free (pun intended) from her teeny-bopper days in Nickelodeon and hitting it big time on stage. But then, while there are legions of fans flocking to see her sing live and watching her music videos, there are also quite a lot of people that hate her. Some of those people who hate her are people in the same industry as her. From tv show co-stars to fellow singers and musicians, people either love her or hate her. But let’s focus on the negatives for a moment. Apart from the good songs she’s got under her belt, she’s also quite prone to failing every now and then, but her fails, especially those we’ve listed, are especially going to tip the scales on the direction that will perhaps ruin her popularity, and maybe even for good too.

1. Collaborating With Chris Brown But Cancelling It Anyway

1. collaborating with chris brown but cancelling it anyway

People already hate Ariana, but it seems that people hated her even more when it was announced that she was going to collaborate on a track with another hated person in business, Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown. You can imagine how much hate they raked in knowing that they were going to do something together. And then she called to cancel the duet, which is good, but she ended up saying that her management was the one who had her bail out of that track. Really? Blaming it on your management? You had a say in this, own up to it.