13 CRAZY Facts About Kim Kardashian

The most popular member of the Kardashian family, Kim Kardashian made her claim to fame through organizing closets, styling artists, and most notoriously through that leaked sex tape. Since she and her family’s reality show kicked off, she’s managed to turn her name into a global brand, releasing things like her own interactive game, and along with her family, upgraded their clothing line by releasing even a lingerie line, and a makeup line. But apart from all these, despite the cameras being on her 24/7, there are things that we don’t know about this reality star.

1. Kim Attended A Catholic School

1. kim attended a catholic school

Kim and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney attended Marymount High School, an all-girl Catholic school where the students have to fulfill a hundred hours of community service before they could be able to graduate. Upon seeing her high school yearbook photo from 1997, Kim stated that people thought she had her lips and nose done, but in her high school photo, her lips looked bigger then than they do now. We can definitely see the difference.