14 Strange Celebrity Habits

Nail biting, lip peeling, among other strange compulsions and out of the ordinary beauty secrets one regular person might have, celebrities are no stranger to it as well, only that it doesn’t show as much as the rest of us normal folk. Everyone has their strange habits, and it’s a little surprising to know that the people that we see on movie screen or on the television have them too. Allow us to reveal a few celebrities with some strange habits that they have. This might make us look at them a little bit differently.

1. Olivia Munn

1. olivia munn

Actress and model Olivia Munn didn’t get her perfectly groomed eyebrows how most people would probably think. A little eyebrow powder, eyebrow gel or pomade, eyebrow mascara, eyebrow tint or pencil might have made it so, but other than that, she actually has trichotillomania, a condition which gives her a tendency to take out her eyebrow hair. Fortunately her eyebrows look perfect whenever she steps out on a red carpet event.