21 NFL Stars: Where Are They Now? #17 Will Shock You

There comes a time in every NFL player’s life, that they know they’ll have to hang up their helmets and throw in the towels for good. Whether it be because of an injury that will render them incapable of playing, or because they know that they can’t stay in the NFL forever, or simply because they’re going to venture into other things, sports related or no. These former NFL players were promising ones back in their days, so let’s take a look at where they are now.

1. Jeff George – Quarterback

1. jeff george

His NFL career spanned 12 years before he decided to retire in 2001, at the age of 34. But even when he’s already played his last match, Jeff believed that he could still be part of a team, however, his tryouts with other teams were unsuccessful. And so, he came back to his home state in Indiana, and now lives a pleasant life, managing a number of Dairy Queen franchises, insurance agencies and even getting involved in the real estate business. Apart from that he’s also being a devoted father to his wife and children, and supporting his son, Jeff Jr., who is about to follow in his footsteps in college football.