17 Unknown Celebrity Couples

While we have the more popular couples; Brad and Angelina, Heidi and Spencer, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Andrew and Emma. Their solid relationships are what we strive to have as well. But then we have the couples that are so unlikely, we never knew they dated! And all the more, we never knew that they were married to each other!

1. Britney Spears & Colin Farrell

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Looks like Brit’s got a thing for bad boys, like Colin. Back when we were still very much heartbroken over her and Justin Timberlake breaking up, she had a brief, and yes, we mean brief, fling with actor Colin Farrell. Back in 2003, a then-21 year old Britney appeared alongside Colin on the premiere of his new film, and later on after that, they were spotted kissing on the hotel balcony of Colin’s suite.

We had no idea about Colin and Britney but we were even more surprised by the next couple…