12 Animals That Can Kill You In 30 Minutes Or Less…

Animals can be extremely beautiful and majestic, but they can also kill you at the drop of a hat without further notice. Some animals can kill you with their claws, other with their teeth, and some with something a little more sinister. These 12 animals, however, can kill you in 30 minutes..or less:

1. Boomslang



The Boomslang is a particularly deadly snake that has been found in regions of South Africa, but has been known to make its rounds throughout the entire continent – and it has even managed to make its way throughout other parts of the world. This guy kills efficiently – he has great eyesight and knows exactly where to get you to give the most impact. If he bites you with those fangs, you will star to bleed from the inside out. You will pass out in minutes, and die within a few hours.