13 Innocent Acts Of Kate Middleton That The Queen Is Shaking Her Head At

Kate Middleton has captured hearts across the world, but she has yet to win over the most important critic in her life – the Queen.

1) Her Many Wardrobe Malfunctions


A princess should conduct herself with dignity and poise at all times…right? Wrong, apparently – though Kate is regularly heralded as a prissy style queen, she’s suffered her fair share of wardrobe malfunctions when wearing particularly voluminous skirts in the wind. It seems like a month doesn’t go by without yet another Marilyn Monroe shot of Kate’s skirts whipping up and exposing her royal undercrackers, and the Queen is reportedly furious that Kate just keeps on letting it happen. We think that’s more than a little unreasonable – Kate is only human, after all, and why should she sacrifice her signature look just in case she encounters blustery weather? Chill out, Lizzie – it’s hardly her fault!

Do You Think The Queen Is Just Being Hard On Kate? Read Point #11 Before Answering!