13 Most Ridiculously Mismatched Couples

Love is blind, opposites attract, and the person you end up marrying is someone you’d never expect to even have romantic feelings for at all. But these couples really prove how ridiculously mismatched they are. But hey, at least they’re going strong with their relationships.

1. Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris

hugh hefner crystal harris

Even in the world of celebrities and fame, mismatched couples happen. Starting with them. Why are they ridiculously mismatched? Their huge age gap, that’s why. The 87 year old Playboy CEO and Founder marries a 27 former Playboy Playmate of his. Hugh could practically be Crystal’s grandfather too.

An age gap like that would make people wonder if Crystal really married Hugh for love, or for fame and money. Later on, Crystal revealed that she married the CEO for security.