12 Of The Creepiest Photos Ever Taken

Throughout the years, the world has become a silent witness of the unfolding of events even the most creepy and unsettling ones. Lucky (or unlucky) for us, some of these disturbing incidents have been caught on cam sending chills down the spine to anyone who gets a glimpse of it. Perhaps it is the real story behind the image that makes it even more creepy and haunting.

Check out 12 of the creepiest photos ever taken in history. Now, this is not for the faint hearted. You have been warned. 

1. Strangest Tradition Of The Victorian Era: Post Mortem Photography

1. Strangest Tradition of the Victorian Era Post Mortem Photography

Depicted in this photo is the strange tradition of the Victorian era in memorializing their departed family member. For centuries, painting dead people together with other family members has been an important tradition. Some families would even preserve the remains of their loved ones and bury them only after two years!

It is said that such was done to give time for other family members living in distant places to visit and take a photograph with their dear departed.