19 Jaw Dropping Pictures Of Katy Perry’s Style Evolution

Some girls can wear whatever the hell they feel like and still look fantastic at all times. Katy Perry is one of those girls! Since bursting onto the music scene in the early 2000’s, Perry has stepped out in so many jaw dropping outfits as she made the transition from preacher’s daughter to full on glamour girl. Check out 19 of our favourite photographs that chart the evolution of Katy Perry’s style.

1- The Katy Hudson Years


In 2001, Katy Perry was plain old Katy Hudson and released a debut album of more gospel style music. Her style was pretty understated back then, if a little on the unfashionable side. It was perhaps what we might expect from a preacher’s daughter. Sweet, girly, and more or less conservative!

WOW… Katy Will Always Look Sexy But Picture #13 is INCREDIBLE!